Graphic design tutorials for inspiration and improving design skills. This video tutorials collection with detailed explaination will show you how to use different effects in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to create awesome illustrations.


Blending Vector Art

In this video we will be creating a Blending Vector art. Creating two design each with different techniques. We will be using pen tool to draw the curves, Blend tool to add the effects and Gradient tool to add colours.


Light bubbles

In this tutorial we will be creating multiple colour light bubbles. First we will create a single bubble using various option in illustrator, we will add highlights, glossiness. Then use photoshop to create multiple colour version of the bubbles.


SOLAR webbed

Here is a  episode on SOLAR webbed graphic design. We will create out the vector web in illustrator and design the solar effect in Photoshop.



In this video we will create a Spherical Starfall Design. We will use Ellipse and Symbol option to create the cluster of falling stars. Then using the 3D Revolve option, map the stars over the sphere.



In this episode we will creating a micro-organism with glossy body and soft & smooth tentacles. To design this first create the body using the ellipse tool. We will use various layer modes to get the effect. We will also create art brush to draw out the tentacles using brush tool.



In this Episode we will be creating meteor Vector graphic design using Illustrator & Photoshop. We will first create the structure using the star & Line segment tool. Then apply greyscale col to each of the segment and finally apply a concrete texture to the design.

Retro Hollow Fish

In this Episode , we will create this hollow fish using illustrator & photoshop. We will first create the fish structure using the pen tool. Then we will create the skin texture using the ellipse tool. After that we will use gradient and the texture option to give Retro effect. Lastly draw out the fins and add a nice details.


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Graphic Design Techniques Tutorial

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