Lettering is a unique drawing of a word or phrase, occasionally whole phrases that make up a single composition and intended for a specific situation. A huge number of logos created using the lettering and lettering become more porular each day.  This lettering tutorial will show you basics of brush techniques, tips and editing process.


Hand Lettering Basics 

Basics starts from the more simple style first to help using a brush pen.  The main key to using a brush pen is knowing where thick and thin lines need to be, and also understanding the letterforms. In the bottom of this article you cand find templates for practice. It’s basically drawn out the basic shape of each letter, vectorised to make them neater and easier to use, and turned it into a template/guide to use! There is also included some arrows too, to show where to start each stroke, an which direction each stroke should go in.


Lowercase Alphabet

This tutorial presenting the practice in lowercase lettering using brush pen. It describes all alphabet so you can refer back to it if you forget how to create some of the letters.


Uppercase Alphabet

This tutorial showing you how to draw uppercase letters by brush pen. It also presenting letter’s styles for all aplphabet.


Monoline Lettering

This tutorial focuses more on the addition features you can add, such a shadows in this case. It shows how and where to add shadows to your type both in pencil and in photoshop. A monoline is a line that goes from paint A to B while maintaining a consistent width, however, don’t let this stop you from fixing up your letters if they don’t look perfectly how you want them, it’s okay to deviate slightly from the consistent width.


Gritty Lettering

This tutorial shows the process of creating gritty style lettering, both the physical and digital stages to know how to edit these in Adobe Photoshop.


3D Lettering Shadows & Highlights 

This tutorial showing you an easy way to add highlights and shadows to vectorised lettering work. Adding these highlights and shadows can make a great impact on the overall look of a piece of lettering, it helps bring some depth to your piece without being overly intrusive if done correctly.


Lettering Shadow Styles

This tutorial will be showing you some different styles of shadowing/cuts you can use to help make your work stand out and give it some depth. Rather than giving it this 3D sort of effect, It explain you how to properly make create shadows on parts of your lettering work which overlap each other.


Creating & Vectorising Brush Lettering

This tutorial showing you how you can easily vectorise your rough brush lettering to achieve this paint brush kind of style lettering. Rather than having to use the pen tool, you can use image trace for this since the lettering needs to look quite rough, and if you have used image trace before, you will know that it doesn’t create perfect shapes most of the time, which is ideal for this style.


Thanks to Ste Bradbury Design for this useful lettering tutorials. Subscribe to the channel and get more tips and guides about lettering.


Download Hand Lettering Guide Lines



Download Hand Lettering Letterform Template



Download Hand Lettering Letterform Template/Guide (Completed)



Hand Lettering Tutorial for Beginners

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