Introducing 10 creative geometric fonts with unique look and futuristic style that help your design look exceptional.  Thick forms, creative lines, rounded curves make these fonts perfect for every modern design project. These fonts are free both for personal and commercial use.


Sangha by Anna Seslavinskaya

Sangha typeface is inspired by the Brahmic scripts (Tibetan and Devanagari writing systems), which was used by languages of several language families: Indo-European, Dravidian, Tibeto-Burman, Mongolic (Soyombo alphabet), Austroasiatic, Austronesian, Tai.


Meedori Sans font family by Danilo De Marco

Meedori Sans is free typeface composed only of capital letters. The difference between capital and lowercase letters is in the cuts and diagonals inspired by the corporate brand. It is thus easy to combine them with each other to obtain an original combination of uniform characters. Inspiration. Meedori Sans endeavors to create a modern impression. It is inspired by the font Futura by Paul Renner, designed in 1937. Meedori sans has been designed in three different weights: Light, Roman and Bold.


Farray by Adrien Coquet


Farray is a free creative geometric font. It contains uppercase letters, numerals and symbols. Good for branding, package, posters and other display purposes.


Nemoy by Bastien Sozoo


Nemoy is a free futuristic geometric typeface. It comes with three weights – Light, Medium and Bold, contains all all caps letters, numerals and symbols. Use it to create unique headlines, posters, logos and more.


Tyde font by Laura Pol


TYDE is an experimental font project. It contains all caps letters only. This font suits for creative typographic projects, posters, logos and more.


Woodwarrior font by Anton Bohlin


Woodwarrior is a typeface inspired by the north, and the contrast between modern man made structures and untouched nature shaped by wind and ice alone. It comes with 3 styles – Light, Regular and Bold.


Chronic by Noem9 Studio


Chronic is a free experimental typeface inspired by Native American Legends & Geometry. It comes with +300 glyphs, including 4 different styles and stylistic alternate characters.


LMENT font by Sébastien Hayez


Lment is a experimental display sans with fake inline. It contains all caps letters and numbers. This font can be used for creative headlines, posters, signage and other graphics.


Silent Lips font by Vincent Labonne


Silent Lips is a free experimental typeface imagined through a lot of different experiences. It comes with two styles – Regular and Bold, contains uppercase letters and lowercase as alternates, numbers and punctuation.


Dual font by Charles Daoud


DUAL is a full width sans-serif typeface with an experimental side. Inspired by fonts such as Gotham, Proxima Nova and Neue Haas, Its straight lines and 90 degree angles give it a very geometric feel without hindering its legibility. Full typeface includes several weigts, Dual 300  weight is free.


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