Today’s collection is all about creative geometric fonts with unusial look that great for logos, headlines and other unique and eye-cathing design. This fonts are free for personal and commercial use.


Artypa by Philip Trautmann


Artypa is a free artistic font family with unique shapes and creative forms. It comes with three fonts: Line, Regular and Bold and contains all caps letters. This font would be great for logos, branding, posters and prints and other creative arts.


Oko by Hugo Portinha

Oko is a free creative display typeface. All letters submitted contain greater or lesser promenor, making oko a visually rich typography. Preferably designed for use in posters and development of branding.


Spacer by Mariano Diez


Spacer is a free futuristic display font. It contains only uppercase letters. This font also looks great for logos and posters, branding and other display purposes.


Mad Squire by Nele Tullus


Mad Squire is a free geometrical outlined font with unique look. It contains uppercase and lowercase letters, numerals, alternative letters and basic punctuation. This font looks great for logos, headlines and posters and other creative arts.


FEARLESS by Alexander Sheliketo


Fearless is a free geometric display typeface with sharp edges and futuristic forms. It contains uppercase letters and numerals. This font suits fore tech designs, logos, branding, posters and other display purposes.


Morden by Andrea Buttieri


Morden is a free strong and bold geometric font. It contains uppercase and lowercase letters, numerals and symbols.  Designed to create unique display concepts, logos, signage, headlines, branding, signage and much more.


Blanka by Emmeran Richard

Blanka is the free futuristic and minimalist font. It contains uppercase and  lowercase letters, numerals and symbols. Blanka with its creative forms perfectly suits for logos and modern graphic projects.


Bioweapon by Lucas Felipe


Bioweapon is a free deisplay font that was inspired by ancient events that will never be forgotten, andthese events were marked by bioweapons. It contains all caps letters, numerals and symbols. This font font great for logos, posters and loud headlines.


High Tide by Filipe Rolim


High Tide is a free all caps, decorative font. It comes three completely different weights – Regular, Bold and Original. This font designed to be most suitable for titles, headlines, posters, logos, etc.


Kontanter by Kash Singh


Kontanter is a free experimental monospaced display font based on Gotham Bold. It contains uppercase letters, numerals, symbols and alternates as lowercase, supports Latin, Cyrillic, Greek and other languages. This font is a great example of creative typography for display purposes.


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10 Creative Geometric Fonts Commercial Free

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