Syne is a free 5-style type family originally designed in 2017 for the art center Synesthésie, based in Saint-Denis in the very close suburb of Paris, France. Syne is one of its outcomes. Closely based on the art center’s team’s will to gather diverse artistic personalities to create fresh and enriching situations, the type family is an exploration into atypical associations in weights and styles.

Syne comes with Regular font – a geometric Trojan horse, Bold & Extra – design space as a playground, Italic & Mono – two vector-twisted companions. Imagining Syne has been a very exciting exploration, driven both by fun and serious interest in the many questions it raised.

Syne typeface is free for personal and commercial use.

Thanks and appreciation to Bonjour Monde for sharing ths creative typeface.


Syne Free Typeface

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