Noah is not just another geometric sans but rather extending the limits of the x-height for a further flexibility of a typeface. This type family encompasses 72 fonts grouped into four subfamilies with different x-heights — starting from the lowest one Noah Grotesque through Noah and Noah Text to the highest one Noah Head — all they including styles from Thin to Black with matching true italics. The geometric structure combined with normal width proportions, moderate contrast and vertical stress make this type family suitable for various typographic usages whereas the enhanced legibility of Noah Text optimizes it perfectly for long texts, and Noah Head intended for strong headlines. Sharp details, terminals with humanistic flavor and typographic alternates of letters, such as the binocular “g” or the geometric “a” successfully blend the best aspects of both geometric and grotesque typeface classics.

Noah Regular and Noah Bold with mathed Italics are free for personal and commercial use.

Noah font family designed by Svet Simov, Radomir Tinkov, Stan Partalev by Fontfabric.


Noah Free Font

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