Introducing a free Arctic brushes for Procreate. Full version of Arctic Brush set contains 54 dry paint brushes for Procreate! These brushes are my n. 1 choice to create visually attractive and rich illustrations in Procreate! They are based on great collection of well-done textures and precisely made brush tips. No matter what direction your brush stroke goes, it behaves same! There are no restrictions to paint! You have total control over every stroke! Well-balanced pressure sensitivity allows you to use single brush in multiple ways! With light pressure you can draw layered subtle shades one by one. Or you can press your pen nib on your screen little bit harder to make nice textured, bold stroke! Make appealing images in Procreate with this perfect collection of dry paint brushes! 

Thanks to Matej Ilčík for sharing the Procreate brushes. Don’t forget to check the full version of Arctic Brush set, appreciate this excellent project and support the creative designer.


Arctic Brushes Procreate

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