Techna Sans is a bold, geometric sans-serif typeface. Its sharp stroke endings give the typeface an authentic and modern look, making it perfect for branding and headlines. The typeface is tightly spaced, intended mainly for big text, but with generous spacing it works equally well in smaller sizes. 

Techna Sans has an alternate, single-storey a is available via Stylistic Set 1. By default the typeface uses proportional figures, but there is also a set of tabular figures available. Tabular figures makes each number take up the same space, which helps when setting tabular data. Techna Sans has over 350 glyphs and supports the Adobe Latin 3 character set.

Techna Sans is carefully spaced, with more than 1200 manual kerning pairs. It also has a couple of ligatures, e.g. for ff and TT.

Techna Sans font is free for personal and commercial use.

Thanks to Carl Enlund for sharing Techna Sans font.  Don’t forget to appreciate this awesome typeface!


Techna Sans Font

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