Introducing the set of «rough cncpt» – a fusion of emotions, when there is no longer the strength and ability to be silent, when this world is choking you, it is destruction and destructive, aimed solely at creation, and this is possible.

In fact, all these thoughts resulted in rough sheets of paper, crumpled, torn and glued together with tape. All shots are dark without exception, because in this case their use is as simple as possible, but if necessary, you can easily invert any of the textures.

Peculiar properties: 30 unique HQ textures; easy to use in projects; heavy paper and tape; 4 000 x 6 000 pixels;  600 ppi.

Thanks to Nick Aesty  for sharing the graphic set. Don’t forget to appreciate this awesome project, support and follow the crreative designer.


Rough Cncpt Heavy Paper & Tape

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