Pawtastic is a free whimsical ecommerce UI kit and web app prototype that’s super simple to customize. UI kit is built around a pet sitting service. The kit comes with 35 detailed UI elements and combines a fun and informative marketing one pager, a multi-step booking process, and a beautiful dashboard.  It has every form element a designer could want, along with all the key UI elements featured in web apps today, such as: account settings, image grids, pull quotes, profile cards, tiered navigations, and more.

As a bonus it contains 15 witeframes to create your next experience. Using Adobe XD’s powerful symbols, character styles, and Repeating Grids feature, this kit will be a great springboard for your next project. 

Don’t forget to appreciate awesome project by  Meagan Fisher and follow for more inspiration.


Pawtastic UI Kit XD

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