Oi! is a free ultra-fat funky display typeface inspired by grotesque slab serifs, most specifically the style that sprung with the release of Caslon’s Ionic in 1844 and Clarendon by Fann Street Foundry in 1845. Oi! is a free spirited twisted interpetation of the clarendonesques. With an unapologetic tendecy for public shouting, it is a whimsical loudmouth attention seeker! 

Oi! supports Latin and Greek and comes in two styles. Oi! You!, the regular style, and its accompanying Oi! Mate!, a shadowed style that adds a third dimension to its playfulness. Oi! great for attractive headlines, porsters, branding elements.

 Oi! typeface comes with a free licence which includes 3 desktop users and up to 10.000 web visitors per month.

Don’t forget to appreciate awesome typeface project by Kostas Bartsokas and follow for more inspiration.



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