Monterchi is a rework of Francesco Canovaro original Beatrix Antiqua, is a 50-weights ode to the beauty of classical roman letterforms, that pairs elegant alternates and quirky ligatures with an array of design options for clear and effective editorial, signage, logo and wayfinding design.

The base display family, Monterchi, allows endless design expressions with a range of six weights from the slender thin to the strong extrabold, all with matching italics and an array of over one hundred discretionary ligatures. A fine-tuned companion Monterchi Text has been developed to excel in body use, with a larger x-height and wider spacing – clear and legible even at small sizes.

The use range of the family is enriched by Monterchi Serif and Monterchi Sans that feature different contemporary interpretations of the same classical geometric skeleton, allowing for layered editorial design and variation. All the fifty fonts in the Monterchi Type System feature an extended character set of over 1100 glyphs covering over 200 languages using the Latin alphabet, as well as Greek and Russian Cyrillic. Open Type features include small caps, positional figures, alternate letterforms, stylistic sets and discretionary ligatures.

There are 8 free fonts availiable for personal and commercial use: Serif Italic, Serif Light, Sans Bold, Sans Book Italic, Text Bold Italic, Text Book, Bold Italic, Monterchi Book.

Monterchi typeface system designed by Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini together with Andrea Tartarelli and Maria Chiara Fantini.


Monterchi Free Fonts

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