Lunchtype is a contemporary lunch-time design experiment updated irregularly. The project aim was to embody boredom from tasteless dishes and spiritless food. A wish to recreate uninspiring lunch hours through letters forms. To be inspired by the futile to design the most uninspiring typeface of all time. Lunchtype is now a continuous typographic project. Whenever a boring lunch hour occurs, a letter form is created. Lunchtype now consists of 25 weeks of boring lunch.

Lunchtype font family comes with 12 fonts: Regular, Condensed and Expanded and Italic, each of them includes 3 weights: Light, Regular and Medium, contains ful set ofuppercase and lowercase letters, numerals and symbols. Lynchtype is a great basic multipurpose typeface, that suits for various design projects.

Lunchtype font family is free for personal and commercial use.

Thanks to Steppot for sharing this excellent project. Don’t forget to appreciate and follow.


Lunchtype Free Font Family

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