Libertà is a parametric opentype font family developed by a team of 6 people in only 6 days, using Type and Code to speed up the process. There are developed a set made of 3 fonts. They vary depending on the assigned modules by level of complexity, we made the letter’s structure more complex by adding 2 or 3 rows and columns to the layout and applying the same principle. It’s able to generate this 3 variants using simple forms, starting from a square & then adding circles, triangles, sections and compositions of them.

Libertà is a district of Bari – where the workshop took place, and in italian means ‘freedom’, as the aim of this typeface was to give to the final user: Officina Degli Esordi, the freedom to type, create layouts and graphics instantaneously and with a variety of ‘modules’ to choose from.

Libertà typeface is free for personal and commercial use.

Thanks to Micol Salomone and Roberto Lenza for sharing Libertà typeface. Don’t forget to check full project, appreciate and follow the creative designers for more inspiration.


Libertà Font Family

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