Introducing a free ink and photocopy texture effect pack, a layout that strives for a better imitation of the analog, which can be used in Photoshop by absolutely everyone. With the proper skills of the user, it is able to provide fairly flexible solutions.

The set contains 3 files that are identical in content, but different in size:

ink_and_photocopy_L — large // 5000px x 4000px (300ppi)
ink_and_photocopy_M — medium // 3000px x 2 400px (300ppi)
ink_and_photocopy_S — small // 2 000px x 1 600px (300ppi)

Each of the projects will output a file with a texture of different size of the photocopy.

Thanks to Nick Aesty for sharing the texture pack. Don’t forget to appreciate this awesome project, support and follow the creative designer.


Ink and Photocopy Texture Effect

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