Design is a way to communicate an idea or concept, using design processes, elements and principles. It’s very important to understand fundamentals before starting any project. This free graphic design course for beginners will explain the basics of graphic design from principles and methods to specifications in design projects.

In this graphic design basics series for beginners, we’ll explore the core principles and basic concepts behind graphic design techniques. Course program:

  1. Introduction and basics
  2. Designing with purpose
  3. The design space
  4. Messaging and communication
  5. Alignment
  6. Designing to specification

We explore the blank page, and the implications of filling it with “stuff”. These are definitely advanced ideas, but explained using simple examples.

After we dive into the first methods of graphic design. Every layout, ad and design needs to have purpose. A reason for the viewer to engage. Without going all the way down the rabbit hole, we go over the surface of design ad clear communication.

We explore the basics of how a single images impacts the space of a simple design, and the variations of image, like cropping and size, that are important to understand. Basically, you choices have a huge effect on message.

We discuss the basic principles of messaging and communication. No matter what your design looks like, the hardest work it has to do, is communicate the message. Visual execution alone doesn’t cover all the bases. It’s important to understand these basic ideas.

We talk about the predecessor to grid design: alignment. This is expressed in the relationships you create between objects, and the design space you’re working in. There are several types of alignment, like mathematical, horizontal and vertical, conceptual, optical and more.

We take a basic surface-level look at designing to specifications – sometimes called “specs”. Every designer is faced with working to a set of parameters, like how large the design space is. But what about colour space, trim, bleed, safety? These are all important things to be aware of.



Don’t miss the great course by Shawn Barry  Logo Design Theory & Application with a lot of practical theory, application and evaluation. This course will teach you how to cultivate a professional design workflow for logos, and any creative project.




Graphic Design Free Course for Beginners

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