Basic design elements are those individual components from which the entire composition is built. A variety of combinations of elements and placed emphasis to ensure the uniqueness of the entire design. In this lessons you will know more about design elements, meaning and using based on practice.



Working with lines

The first lesson of the Design Theory Video Series will show you how to work with line. Line is one of the most important elements of design that you will need to have a solid grasp of in order to become a better designer. You will see examples of line and how it can be used intentionally as a visual device to direct the viewers eye, and also how it can be used to create value and form. Try some of these exercises out and experiment with line in your own work so you can see how effective it can be.



Working with Shapes

In lesson two of the Design Theory Video Series will be talking about working with shapes. It will take a look at the differences between geometric shapes vs organic shapes, shapes used to create form, and examples of shapes used in logos, layout, packaging and illustrations. After will be jumping into Adobe Illustrator where you will see a handful of ways that you can create interesting and unique shapes of your own.





In this lesson will be discussed the topic of values. It is an important element of design that will help you understand how to create form, depth, contrast, and the illusion of perspective by learning how to control changes in light. We will start with some basics and then take a look at examples of how value has been used in traditional drawing as well as painting. Then you will see a demonstration to show you how you can get the values from any image in order to help you see the ranges that certain colors fall into.  Also share with you meet with some of  process  a digital painting by finding the values and landmarks of a portrait.




Color Basics

Color theory can be a very intricate subject. Today it breaks down and discuss color as an element of design. If you aren’t familiar with analogous, triadic, and tetradic colors then this will be a great lesson for you. You will also take a look at logos that use color intentionally to get us to think or feel certain ways about their brand or business without us even realizing it.



Using Scale

In this video You will know how you can learn to master scale to achieve balance in your designs. Working with scale in Graphic Design is one of the things that beginner and even intermediate designers struggle with. It refers to the size of different elements in relation to one another. This can apply to your typography in a layout as well as the images in a photo manipulation or illustration.



Working with Textures

In this Design Theory video will be discussed the final element of design – working with textures. Whether realize it or not, texture is ubiquitous – everywhere all of the time. It’s the grass at the park, or the wooden benches at the bus stop. Without texture everything would just be kind of flat and dull. That being said, don’t want our design work to appear flat and dull, so we will take a look at how texture is used in different types of design projects to help them stand out. Then, you will be going over a few quick tips that you can use to add some awesome textures to your own work to help you design better.

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Design Theory for Beginners: Elements

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