Color theory  is a rules and guidelines to using, combining and mixing colors in design and art. Color is a powerful tool to use when communicating brand or product. By improving your knowledge of color you’ll be able to be more effective with your design projects.

This Color Theory Fundamentals course includes 6 video lessons and simply and clear explains color basics and meaning and using in design. Structure of series:

  1. The Color Wheel
  2. Tints, Tones & Shades
  3. Color Harmony
  4. Color and its meaning for brand
  5. Difference between RGB and CMYK
  6. Intoduction to Pantone colors

In this lessons you will learn what is a color wheel, primary and secondary and tertiary colors and set of color basic – tints, shades, and tones. You will know how colors work together and meaning of their contrast in design work.

You will know how color can trigger emotion and feelings so that you can apply it to your own brand. You will learn the key differences between the two colour models RGB or CMYK and where you should be using them in graphic design.

Also you get brief introduction to Pantone color matching system – an indispensable tool for graphic and print professionals –  that explain the basics in order to achieve accurate color consistency across all of your brand materials.



Thanks and appreciation for this great explaination of color theory to Col Gray from Pixels Ink. Subscribe to channnel and learn more about graphic design.

Color Theory Fundamentals Free Course

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