Attractive is a free font that comes in two styles Regular and Italic with extended coverage of the Latin-, Greek- and Cyrillic Script. The design origins of Attractive are in early-20th centuries technical style aesthetics, but they are combined with nice humanistic characters and details. We also made the typeface a little soft with small round corners, that way it reminds print work with hot metal typesetting and its much more legible on screen. The shapes are optically corrected, yet retain an uncut charm.

The typeface works is an exellmletn choose for small text sizes, books and magazines, branding, posters, as well as web and screen design. Attractive is equipped for complex, professional typography with Open Type Features including: localized forms, standard ligatures, subscripts, superscripts, numerators, denominators, arrows, currency symbols and fractions. Attractive is carefully hinted and optimized for screens. The fonts are a perfect choice for digital use.

Attractive font is free for personal and commercial use. Njoy and be attractive!

Huge thanks to lettersoup typefoundry for this attractive font, don’t forget to check complete Attractive type system in 104 styles and 4 widths.


Attractive Free Font

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