Animation, motion graphics and visual effects are becoming increasingly valuable and important. Adobe After Effects is a the industry-standard tool for this design purposes. Learning the basics and beyond of working with AE help to understand, practice and develop skills as a visual effects and motion graphics artist.

Free Adobe After Effects course is created for beginners and explains the fundamentals with clear and detailed explanation, systematic, easy to follow step by step directions.


This Adobe After Effects course includes 10 lessons for beginners:

  1. Welcome to Adobe After Effects: AE interface, effects, solids, layers, animation, and rendering
  2. Pre-Comps, Parenting, & Expressions
  3. Compositing, Keying, & Rotoscoping
  4. Editing & Animating Text
  5. Shape Layers
  6. Manipulating Footage
  7. Particles, Paint, & Puppets
  8. Advanced Expressions & Presets
  9. Tracking: Track Camera, Warp Stabilizer, Track Motion, Stabilize Motion, and the Mask tracker
  10. Lights, Cameras, & 3D and Cinema 4D



Thanks and appreciation to Mikey Borup for this great Adobe After Effects course. Subscribe and follow for new creative videos.

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Adobe After Effects Basics Free Course

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