60 free Photoshop actions contains Deeply Matte, Monochrome Matte and Toning actions.

Deeply Matte Photoshop actions are perfect for dramatically matte look to your photos. Pack includes free 4 b&w actions and 16 color actions: Warm and Rich, Flat B&W, Soft Peach, Cool Tone Pastel, Blue Haze, Pink Glow, Deep Forest, High Contrast B&W, Vibrant Split Tone, Vivid Reds, Pastel Purple, Natural, Ultra Matte Natural, Soft and Vibrant, Rich and Deep, B&W With Grain, Pastel With Grain, Delicate Pink, Subtle Cross-Processing and Warm Grainy B&W.

Monochrome Matte Photoshop actions are perfect to create black & white photos. Pack includes 20 free actions with effects : Taupe, Khaki, Creamy Grain, Basic, Washed Out, Sepia Grain, Gray Blue, Deep Red, Warm Red, Deep Teal, Barely Blue, Purple Yellow, Icy, Sharp Barely Purple, High-Contrast Warm, Sharp Indigo, Barely Blue Wash, Chocolate, Grainy and Grainy High-Contrast.

Toning Photoshop actions are perfect for both color and black & white photos with haze and fog. Pack includes free 20 actions with effects: Barely Warm, Reds, Yellow-Orange, Deep Yellow Orange, Orange Tan, Yellows, Blue Tan, Purple Green, Fuchsia Green, Blue Yellow, Orange Blue, Blues, Greens, Purples, Teal Orange, Teal Pink, Deep Yellows, Orange Yellow, Warm Red and Subtle Lavender.


Thanks and appreciation to Rachael from Presets Galore.


Deeply Matte Photoshop Actions

Monochrome Matte Photoshop Actions

Toning Free Photoshop Actions

60 Matte & Toning PS Actions

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